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  • Jessica Beisner

    "'Math Problem. John has 32 candy bars. He eats 28. What does he have now?' 'Diabetes. John has diabetes.'" Hahahaha

  • MathFileFolderGames

    "John has 32 candy bars. He eats 28. What does he have now? ....... DIABETES - John has diabetes." --- Follow My Math Jokes Board for more Math Humor: #MathHumor #MathJokes

  • a l e x .

    Not a slap to diabetics it's the blunt dry humor that's funny stuff!

  • Allison Freeman

    Why are diabetes jokes so funny??

  • Niecy M

    Another reason why math word problems are the devil. They cause diabetes!

  • Ashlie LeGrande

    Diabetes- this makes me laugh because my John DOES have diabetes.... And he loves candy bars

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Idk why but this it's the funniest thing