harlem, 1970s

Harlem, New York City in the vintage fashion style hot pants short tights boots women knit top shirt sweater afro hairstyle men suit checkered shirt tie hat kinda has a pimps and hos look ?

Rock out, old-school style this summer at Chambers new party series, launching in June, with live DJs and great food and cocktails.

Jim Kelly, Black Belt Jones

Vintage tips: Life, style and fashion — theactioneer: Jim Kelly & Gloria Hendry, Black.

Эпоха хиппи

hippie cambridge, massachusetts october 1970 young free spirited lady, dancing in cambridge common

sensuousblkman: Harlem Queens in Cotton Comes to Harlem (harlemcollective.

De Bump !!!!!! jaren 70

is Radio, rediscovered - Soul Dance Party mix () by DJTrainwreck in Moreno Valley

MODELOS DE LOS 50's - Las sesiones de fotos eran algo diferentes

pin up poses

Soul Train dancers, 1970s. SO COOL!

Dancers on Soul Train. Loved me some Soul Train!

Vintage Black Glamour: Photo

Vintage Black Glamour and Vintage Black Glamour: Gentleman’s Quarters are now available individually and as a fabulous box set from Rocket 88 Books. The Vintage Black Glamour documentary is.

The Soul Train Dancers

Soul Train dancers in the Many people looked toward what dancers wore on soul train to get fashion ideas.

Hey Sister, Soul Sister...Sister Sledge

Sister Sledge - family group who 'spiced' up the disco floor at many discos

Say It Loud!!

Writers Angela Davis and Toni Morrison. Wallpaper and background photos of Angela Davis and Toni Morrison for fans of Feminism images.

Young, Black and Fly

Afros, hot pants and go-go boots!probably for an HBCU band. I looved loooved go go boots but was way too young

oh I love....punk!

The effect of major developments in society and historical events on prevailing fashion trends, explored through popular women’s hairstyles from the 1500s to 1980s.

Punk Fashion: This originated with fans of punk rock music. Much of their dress consisted of black leather, metal, ripped clothes, safety pins, and colorful hair. Vivienne Westwood is a well known punk designer.

I love this.  Mod clothing from 1974.

These were a number of the crucial trends clothes for ladies. In contrast to popular fashion wasn't all about massive hair and polka dots. Disco clothes always need to be in loud colours.

Sister Sledge

Sisters Sledge Beautiful Joni Sledge (first from the left) died peacefully at home on March 2017 aged just 60 years old. May she rest in God's eternal peace.