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    christian pick up lines are golden.~~~ I've been reading Joshua, but how many times do I have to walk around you before you fall for me??


    Another pick up line for Geoff

    hahaha #ChristianPickUpLines

    Nerd pick-up lines

    A Christian version of Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I have to say it was awesome!!!

    oh my gosh. if I had the nerve...

    FAVORITEST PICKUP LINE EVER <3 Just tried it on my husband..... He laughed and said "you are so stupid". I guess that is his way of saying he Loves me too!?

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.

    Works every time.


    oh ecards, how you make me laugh!

    So mean, yet so hilarious


    Funny! Hehehe :)


    so these are lame but they made me think that if you saw this you would pin it for me because of all the church guys who give me pickup lines so i though I'd return the favor....does that even make any sense? haha


    Pickup Level Genius

    best Snookie quote of all time.