invisible seam

Tutorial: Invisible Seams, The Hidden Stitch. Finishing a hole with hand stitching

Hand sewing basics

Tutorial for different blanket stitches.

Needle Sculpting Tutorial by ~ThisUsernameFails on deviantART

how to correctly place a zipper in a small tote or pouch - the inner seams are hidden with bias tape/binding. Excellent clear tutorial!

Magic Invisible Closure | How to Sew

Travel tip. Sew a few stitches on a towel and keep your toiletry dry. A fun gift idea, too. DIY.

28 Sewing Hacks That Will Change Your Life | Seams And Scissors


Easy way to gather/ruffle.

seams on

tutorial on how to close a seam invisibly

Shwin&Shwin: Knits 102 || The cover-stitch and overlock

You SEW Girl

This is a guide about sewing stretchy fabric. Sewing stretchy fabric can be tricky. You want to follow a few simple steps to ensure that the finished seams lie nice and flat and at the same time do not break when the garment is worn or the item used.

a magic pillowcase tutorial! Easy way to sew a pillowcase so it has the fancy cuff on the top and trim and better yet all of the seams are hidden inside

Free Printable seam allowance folding template ~ So clever!! Thanks so much to The Scientific Seamstress for sharing :)

Invisible seam

Sewing Collars Tutorial

Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy - Threads. I could have used this a couple of weeks ago.