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"You think beautiful girls are going to stay in style forever? I should say not! Any minute now they're going to be out! Finished! Then it'll be my turn!"

$169.9 Cannadagoose JACKETS is on clearance sale, the world lowest price. --The best Christmas gift

Young Barbra Streisand on the Beach. Bikini.

LOVE Striesand's nose. There are so many fake 'sheep' noses out there; it's really too bad that many girls can't revel in what makes them unique. :)

Barbra Streisand On the set of “My Name Is Barbra” Television Special (1965)

Saw This pic of Babs recently, which made me think of it when I first saw it as a kid, 20 odd years ago. Still an iconic picture.

Spotted!: Leopard Print Through the Years - Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, 1966.