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wind in the curly hair // Kendra Spears by Lachlan Bailey, style by Claire Dhelens, Vogue Paris November 2012

sundays are for...lunch in the countryside.

A fun Fall activity? Picnics in the park (except someone needs to tell these guys that their picnic is where the engine should be in that beetle- technically the "trunk" is in the front of those cars")

edpro_pgh : Photo

knit hat + puppy + cool weather + great outdoors = yes please

Road tripping in a BMW 2002. (That woman in the polka dot dress is killing me.)

My first car! Love every little thing about this pic. Polka dots, stripes, road map, and most of all the orang 2002 with blue and gold Cali plate!

Sometimes I can be my worst critic.

Senior pictures in the rain. Senior pictures with umbrella. Senior pictures in water.


Actually like her black eyeliner with a natural face.she doesn't hid her freckles. Love it and would like to try.need a little suntan first though.


Taylor was beautiful. Her (color) hair was blowing over her face. She was so carefree. She would let her hair down and she wore loose clothes that made her dark eyes looks brighter. She was beautiful like that, then she changed.

hair is curled, but is in at natural way, which makes me love ittt!

long brown hair If you have stick straight hair. (that's me) A tutorial on how to get your hair looking like this! Long waves Gotta try

I am here in my heart

You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. ~Mary Oliver- well said dance is for

Kendra Spears is on the Go for Vogue Paris November 2012, Lensed by Lachlan Bailey

Kendra Spears is on the Go for Vogue Paris November 2012, Lensed by Lachlan Bailey

“L’Heure Du Départ” : Kendra Spears : Vogue Paris November 2012 : Lachlan Bailey

glam casual

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