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Scaner de negativos fotograficos... 2.5" LCD 35mm Roll/Slide/Negatives Film Scanner with SD Slot + USB + TV-Out (PAL/NTSC)

Turn negatives into digital pictures. Great way to get rid of all of those piles of film negatives from 20 years ago that we all have had stashed away somewhere.

Genius gadget to help you convert old film negatives right into digital photos through your smartphone.

Saturated Canary

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FREE Photoshop brushes: Vintage frames

This is precious! I could make three in all different colors... Ya... My dorm is gonna run out of wall space.

Make old film negatives digital with your smartphone

Paper Punch Storage -- this one is mounted to a board to be hung allowing you to move it to a different wall later ... genius!

Gift certificate for a personalized camera strap cover sets or hipster camera strap set

This is Ground <3 love their accessories

You CAN make an awesome tiara out of pipe cleaners. http://bellissimakids.com/

shut up and take my money This would be brilliant for long car rides!

Scaner de negativos para smartphones!

Digital 35mm Negative and Slide Film Scanner - Black