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Art in Nature - leaf veins & rain drops: beautiful duck egg blue tones + natural texture and pattern inspiration

Lisbon tiles

An idea to fix a broken tile area. Don't tear out the wall of tile, make light of it! Caulk the broken/missing tile to waterproof, then add an air fern (kitchen backsplash) or a fake plant (shower or tub area).

ADAPT TO ZENTANGLE   textuur krokodillenleerl

This shows both patterns and texture in it. They are repeating circles, but each one is a little different with the texture and lighting. Corealine - idea to have textured material for parts of repetitive pattern?

Tracing paper loops.

tara donovan (detail) androgyny magazine photo by yuval hen unknown photo of stella tenant noriko ambe sculpture (detai.

Зачастую вдохновение приходит именно от цветовых сочетаний! А иногда, сидишь и понимаешь что в создаваемой композиции не хватает каких то цветов и оттенков, но экспериментировать на почти созданной или почти доделанной работай сложно, из за страха все испортить. Но порой, добавление еще какого-нибудь цвета просто необходимо, может для расстановки акцентов, а может для более живописного Эффекта) В…

The Chic Technique: Shore Tones Coastal Decor Color Palette Colors I want in master bath

Texture and colour in wood tones, fab winter inspiration for your kitchen. Mix them up!

Dettagli e scheda tecnica delle piastrelle in marmo, travertino, pietra e granito Fiandre. Mosaici, finiture, decori, pezzi speciali e voci di capitolato. Gres porcellanato per il design

Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles GREEN MARBLE Precious Stones Collection By GranitiFiandre

moroccan-rust.  See the flare of rust?  Oh no.  New eye drops, new hairspray, what is causing this case of the hives?  I suffered 2 weeks with horrific hives.  I mean suffered.  I itched everywhere.  My Neuro, Internest, steriods, all tried but the trip to the Dermo and a cortisone shot plus other drugs made life tolerable again.  Thank God.  What more?   Month 7.

colors for kitchen- turquoise, cobalt, rust,gold.and cream. Great colours and gorgeous matching

Interior design blog - LLI Design London : Photo

Waterfall wall: the Petal Wall. David Harber - A waterfall wall created from masses of petals of copper, verdigris copper or mirror-polished stainless steel.

Parquets originaux  Patchwork de morceaux de chêne en bois debout, Raphael Navot (Vedes Rénovation)

Parquets originaux

A pattern piece with a sort of fixed-wood texture. The lines and hatching could be texture or simply shading but either way it looks appealing to touch.

cracked plaster over brick wall treatment texture/color inspiration for polymer