straw weaving - fun!

straw weaving

Straw Weaving Picture Story


Make an easy weaving craft out of Popsicle sticks and colorful yarn with the supplies and directions from Blossom Box Kids.


Straw Weaving -- 29 creative activities for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!

Cardboard and wool weaving with kids - wow project for 5-7yr olds with @barrucci

Cupid’s Arrow Game - Blow the q-tips through a straw into a bowl in the center of the floor. Use two different colors of q-tips for boys against the girls or team competitions.

Picture of A Fun Way to Learn to Crochet for Kids

DIY light box for tracing images! why have i never thought of this?!

free pattern, just in time for butterfly crocheting time

Sock takes 3 mins to make is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it!

DIY Pom Poms - easy way to make pom poms (in swedish) but pics easy enough to understand.

Kids - Kids Crafts - finger weaving tutorial

This is what you draw on your kid's hand to keep them busy for 30 minutes.

Drinking straw weaving loom. Never heard of this. Results are soooooo cool!

snowflakes made from the bottom of plastic bottles - would be so pretty hanging in the front window

Book Review: Pin Loom Weaving by Margaret Stump check this for an inside look with instructions and projects: