Let Them Be Little

It will also grow up to be a sixteen year old boy and make you get wrinkles, make your HAIR fall out, keep you UP all night, warrant drinking in EXCESS and, occasionally, thoughts of self-harm.

Have to remember this when my little ones tell me all about their stuff!! <3

Let them Laugh - Let them Giggle - Let them Sleep in the Middle - Let them be Little ♥♥♥

Makes me want to cry...

I just about cried....

Reminds me of Maria Montessori (her birthday is today) and Charlotte Mason - two great educationists who respected children without forgetting they were young.

This is so true and I did cry.

There is hope ahead.

"Forever is a long time. Make sure to spend it with someone that makes you giggle."

Let Her Sleep

Annplified: Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

So true! A lady told me the other day she loved my haircut. It made my day. And I think the reverse of this quote is true. I always try to not make someone's day worse even if I can't summon up the energy to make it (hopefully) better.

Losing a friendship is painful at any age. Losing it to deceit is even harder. You can only pray for that person and hope they can come to terms with it on their own.

for real. every day. haha. Laughed til I cried

This made me cry... a must have for my laundry room. When I feel like the laundry never ends this will remind me... Today I Will Be Thankful for Laundry Canvas on Etsy, $35.00

Helping your baby to sleep on their own without using the crying method, nursing them to sleep or co-sleeping.... Sure wish I had this a year ago!


So true!