The very Beautiful Snuggle Love Bunny: Snuggle with me my Love as scent of Love consumes them. As he wraps his arms over her. You smell so Yummy. He asks her to keep talking as her voice is his favorite song. He kisses her gently on her soft skin. Her rubs her grandes mamelons as they consume each other. El Mexican Lover tells her I Love you more.


Image Via: Thriving Twenties

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Being face to face.. feeling your smile... I love you so much baby!! Wish you were here with me!! LOVE BOYFRIEND PICTURES

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couple + their dog


I hope my baby is resting well and cuddled up to the girls. I love you and I miss you terribly. PS: You never did tell me what the attorney said......I wish I could sleep alllll day. He said it wasn't any big deal really. I love you and miss you too. I have to run a few errands in a little while so I have to get up. Booooo. What are you going to do today.


Love to cuddle


So sweeettt

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