Lemonade with raspberry ice cubes. This would be great for a party; large quantities of lemonade, guests choose from raspberry, strawberry, peach, mango, etc. flavored cubes. YUM!!

does it get any more refreshing sounding? Frozen Blueberry Lemonade. #food #summer #drinks #blueberry #lemonade

Summer Ice Cubes


LAVENDER LEMONADE HEAT ~ 1/2 cup Honey + 1/2 cup water for sweet syrup ~ ADD ~ 1 drop Lavender essential oil & 2 drops Lemon essential oil ~ POUR ~ Syrup into 1 1/4 cups squeezed Lemon Juice ~ ADD ~ 6 cups of water

Basil Strawberry Lemonade Granitas in a Jar

lemonade with frozen raspberries. Would be good w strawberries toi! so refreshing for that garden party. The raspberries look like a flower. you could Also put a blueberry in the center of the raspberries.

Honey Lemonade Cocktail: A great end of summer drink that works well for the fall too! Add Vodka....or remember the non Alcohol Drinkers....

Summer has it’s many days of sunshine and fun adventures, but keeping refreshed is something that can never be taken for granted. This beverage recipe is my favorite for those sun lounging days. Tropical, herbal, sweet, and satisfying! This is a fresh squeezed lemonade made with coconut water and lavender simple syrup. It’s just as...Read More

Refreshing melon...an uncommon fragrance note found in Aesthetic Content's Sereno Seas Luxury Scented Candles


Fresh Cherry Lemonade Slush Recipe

Fruit Birthday cake, the main part is watermelon. The garnishing are kiwis, blueberries, strawberries, melon and grapes. All natural. No sugar, no flour, no icing, no eggs .. just fruit. Yum!

Skinny White Sangria recipe. Yum!

Fresh Blueberry Lemonade +14 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes - Check out these fun drinks, along with recipes, to keep you cool during those hot summer days.

Blood Orange Ice cubes

Homemade strawberry lemonade, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. No processed sugar!

perfect drink for the Lake. Right @Sarah :)

Oh my Summer goodness! Frozen Lemonade Recipe via Amy Huntley (The Idea Room)

Ability to switch colors. Add fun and excitement to your vases or drinking glass with these light up ice cubes.

Chick-Fil-A Lemonade knock-off recipe