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10 Things To Teach Your Kids Before Their First Date. This is such a good list, 10 things for both boys and girls. I especially loved the boy list. Wish more parents of boys would teach them these things.

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5 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want Your Kids to Like Each Other

Really like this article-some great advice. No parent ever likes to come to the realization that THEY are the problem. I know I sure didn't. But my kids are too important to carry that pride. I had to STOP doing the things that were causing sibling rivalry and start giving them the tools to actually like each other.

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practical tips for intentional parenting

Children thrive on repetition and routine. Traditions don’t need to be fancy to be exciting. family game night.I dessert. pancake day. schedule in 15 min per kid per day just for play. birthdate date night. Each month on the number of their birthdate, each child gets a special date night. Making the most of my time means including them as I complete my to-do list… well worth it. Time together in the car. Read books, sings songs, talk, but turn off the TV. THIS IS A GREAT POST TO READ!

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10 Things Not to Say to Your Kids

10 Things Not to Say to a Child (but more importantly, what to say/do instead!) Positive parenting leads to positive kids!

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Give Your Child Their Own To-Do List

Give Your Child Their Own To-Do List - Life as I'm living it

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How to Give Time-Outs That Really Work

If done correctly, time-outs can be an effective method of disciplining kids. Watch our time-out dos and don’ts:

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What Never to Say to Your Kids

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids.....some pretty good information....

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How to Teach Your Children to Keep Their Room Clean

How To Teach Your Children to Keep Their Room Clean - These 5 things can make this difficult task really easy. |


Parents: Parenting News & Advice for Moms and Dads

The Very Best Parenting Tips From Child Psychologists. Best list I've ever read!!

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Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids

All the things I want my kids to know!

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How to Spend Quantity Time With Kids

How to Squeeze in loads of quality time with your kids, when time is hard to find! #parenting #qualitytime #quantitytime

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Parenting Tips: Easing Transitions for Young Children

Easing Transitions for Young Children. It's so hard to end their play because it's time to go. Do you have any other tips to help during this hard time?

Joy in the Homefrom Joy in the Home

20 Easy Date Ideas for Parents To Do With Their Children

20 Easy Date Ideas for Parents to Do With Their Children - These easy ideas will make the best of memories for both you and your children! |

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Mommy will you lay with me?

a story about how giving your child time now will impact how they give you time in the future.

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Alternatives to Time Out

5 Alternatives to “Time Out” by Carrots Are Orange Parenting tips for every parent, parenting tips,#parenting tips