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Well damn, here's another one of those e-card treasures that most of us can relate to after having dealt with at least one individual who acted like this in our lives!

And yet you are never absent... (love those dears that disrespect the learning process, the students, the teachers, and themselves, but are always there.) Everyday I just hope that today will be the day they turn over a new leaf... nope, same old leaf.

Hilarious Quotes For Sarcastic Women Who Honestly Don't Give A F*ck

Pardon the language, but this reminds me of Tigh. Haha I would say "The blinds are open!! People could see you!!" and all he would say is "Lucky them." Haha yeah, he's a hottie, but I'm in no way willing to share him with the peeping toms....

12 Funny Quotes for Today

I especially like what I call "The 5 minute slap". You sarcastically call somebody out, and they don't understand it for 5 or more minutes...then when they finally do, they go, "hey, wait a minute!", but it's long over by then…!!