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Teaching Children To Take Pictures

8 Digital Photography Techniques Beginners Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Try…sad to say that seven years of shooting photos…I’m still a beginner…watch out for that auto mode!

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Photography Basics: the No. 1 cheat sheet for metering and exposure Digital Camera World - shows various histograms and explains them

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From JPEG to RAW: A Beginners Guide to Start Shooting in RAW Image Mode. **Most cameras will let you shoot jpeg AND raw at the same time until you're comfortable with just RAW.

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Photography - Photo tips - Welcome to ExpertPhotography’s top 100 photography tips, picked from the best tutorials of and brought together in one place, for your ease.

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44 tips & tricks! A collection of top DSLR tips and essential digital camera help. Learn the secrets and shortcuts to setting up your camera for high-quality pictures every time. Read before Chile

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I'm for anything to help take better photos. Advanced tips for sharp images. Definitely worth reading a couple times to learn everything.

Choosing and using a lens for an SLR

Find out how to determine compatibility with your camera. How to decide the focal length, aperture and image stabilization that is right for you. This article also covers common shooting scenarios like portraits, landscapes, indoor photography and nature

How to shoot in manual mode for Beginners :: Indoor, Outdoor, & Kids Settings: Somewhat helpful. I may need to come back for the info on kids~MrsReeves