Neville Longbottom and Rory Williams being adorable.

Kim + Ron = Amy + Rory. Haha cute

Alex is fabulous

Poor Rory..

When don't I? I love that this is in there, it is like the writers are teasing about how much he dies just like we do :)

I love how he's holding Rose, and River's on his back, and Sarah Jane is older than the rest of them, and she's holding K-9, and Amy and Rory are holding hands, and Jack is hugging the Doctor but Donna is hugging Jack... it's just too adorable...... And then there's Martha...

Rory. Rory is ready.

Rory Williams owns the second season of Firefly. <==This made me laugh so much.

Rory. Williams.

Arthur Darvill

Rory Williams <3

The Avengers in Hogwarts houses.


Arthur Darvill.

Rory could also make a great Arthur Dent. (Although Martin Freeman was lovely, the rest of that movie was meh)

Oh, John. But you do have good taste in shoes.

if you don't smile at this because of it's adorable-ness, we can't be friends. Also this made me happy/sad cry. I don`t know which but I was definately teary.

I want a Rory Williams...