Neville Longbottom and Rory Williams being adorable.

Arthur Darvil everyone!

Rory Williams and Amy Pond - Together or not at all.

Rory and Amy Pond.



the last centurion rory williams doctor who VALENTINE (so sweet <3)

Rory's best line ever.

Arthur and Karen

Time Lords don't look at explosions...

Rule 69: It’s DOCTOR Who… not Dr. Who… Never abbreviate Doctor! Submission [Image found Here]

[DOCTOR WHO] The 11th Doctor / Eleven, Rory Williams Amy Pond (Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill Karen Gillan) - If you're worried that the Ponds didn't get to raise a child, they did. His name is the Doctor.

Arthur Darvill in his glasses, Matt Smith in his bow tie... Their level of cool is unmatched.

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no, seriously. karen and the BABES.

Poor Rory..

I love how he's holding Rose, and River's on his back, and Sarah Jane is older than the rest of them, and she's holding K-9, and Amy and Rory are holding hands, and Jack is hugging the Doctor but Donna is hugging Jack... it's just too adorable...... And then there's Martha...

Arthur Darvill + Karen Gillan

When fandoms help each other out <<<You're welcome, Harry Potter fandom. ~Sherlock fandom<<<<<<I don't think we should kill her. She should have to suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rory Williams. I miss him!! And...I think I'm in love....