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    Neville Longbottom and Rory Williams being adorable.

    I sometimes feel like Rory gets the short end of the stick but this was not one of those moments :)

    Rory Williams Can Survive Any TV Show

    Rory Williams

    WHY WAS HIDDLESTON EVER CROPPED OUT OF THIS PICTURE? Loki, Khan, and Magneto dance the night away at the villain's ball.

    Rory Williams

    Could Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington be any more adorable a couple? I am just not gonna be able to take them together in Sherlock Series 3--I see them beside each other in a promo and I already flip out. :)

    Rory Williams has an apprentice. His name is Neville Longbottom.

    Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant: Past Doctor meets... future Master? Make this happen, folks.

    I don't understand why Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill aren't my friends

    Alex is fabulous

    David Tennant. Because it's completely normal for grown men to wrap themselves around their friends. Could he be more adorable. No. He could not.

    The Never Ending Rory. I laughed at this. Doctor Who is stealing my life.

    Arthur Darvill.

    Bwhahahaha!!! YES!! ♥

    Rory Williams, the best of The Doctor's companions

    I love how he's holding Rose, and River's on his back, and Sarah Jane is older than the rest of them, and she's holding K-9, and Amy and Rory are holding hands, and Jack is hugging the Doctor but Donna is hugging Jack... it's just too adorable...... And then there's Martha...

    Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill #DoctorWho What hipsters...@charisjoyy_ as if you needed more of a reason to watch Doctor who haha

    Rory could also make a great Arthur Dent. (Although Martin Freeman was lovely, the rest of that movie was meh)

    Matt Smith wearing a River T-shirt