Dr. Oz's top 99 healthiest foods at the grocery store. Includes links to recipes for each item on the list.

Cranberry Cherry Chicken Wrap - a a quick and healthy lunch wrap, that comes together in a snap thanks to convenience grocery items and packs a punch with a whole grain flat bread wrap and lots of protein to keep you going strong!

Use these healthier Trail Mix ingredients rather than purchasing from the store.

Healthy Lunch Ideas // make a bunch and stack in fridge for work, school,

Flat Belly Eating Plan - Includes 7 days of recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Healthy cookie: No butter, no sugar, no eggs, no flour. LOTS of fruity, oaty, banana goodness.

Healthy Fast Breakfast Recipes - make use of your kitchens, students!...(x)...Take a walk to the grocery store. Don't forget your list of ingredients ...(x)...

http://best-weightloss-dietss.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/lose-weight-by-eating-healthy-food.html Easy And Simple Healthy Recipes

This is one of my favorite superfood snacks! Oven Baked Zucchini chips are easy to make and under 100 calories per serving!

Dr oz

5 ingredient peanut butter granola bars. Why eat store bought when you can make your own and know exactly what's in them!

Healthy lunches under 400 calories, includes fast food options and recipes for others.

Good to know

Low calorie food recipes not just keep from adding additional calories but they also help in burning out the fat that is already accumulated.

100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards 2013 -- this is a GREAT list.

Clean Eating Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists

The Ultimate Superfood Shopping List - Be sure to take this list to the grocery store. I make it a habit to add a new superfood to my shopping list each week. Another idea: replace one "not so healthy" food with a superfood each time you grocery shop. Baby steps turn into Giant Steps. #superfoods #cleaneating

Dr.Oz's Energy-Boosting Smoothie

50 Delicious Weight Watchers Recipes... great collection, some great finds in this list!!!

Metabolism boosting iced teas from Dr. Oz

Need some more recipes and ideas for the 24 Day Challenge cleanse phase? The Link Home: some good ideas. To order www.advocare.com/08092419.