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  • Scripture Lady - Kathy Vincent

    I am so incredibly proud to say I know this young man. Please take a moment to read this inspirational article. Trevor was a student I used to work with. He would bring in his hymn book and we would sit and sing hymns inside a public high school! How amazing is that?!

  • Charles Porter

    Trevor Hendershot, 21, of Irvine, has Down syndrome and lands his first job as a greeter at the Angels Team Store.

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I read an article the other day that with the new pre-natal testing, 90% of woman who are told their fetus has Down syndrome will abort. I wish these woman could meet my sister or the students I work with, I think their decision would be changed for life

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Down Syndrome awareness activist's daughter Nella at her first ballet class. Proof that extra chromosomes don't stand in the way of becoming a ballerina princess. Via Enjoying The Small Things :)

This is a cool blog, takes a minute to watch the slideshow, and learn something about downs syndrome :)

My B was no mistake. Fearfully and wonderfully made just like the rest of us!

a young Jewish boy with Down Syndrome loves to inspiring!

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Life After Down Syndrome | Healthy Living - Yahoo Shine

Blog about food, crafts, photography, and farming with a little extra genetic material. (Trisomy 21, Down syndrome)

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