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  • Rachel Meltzer

    Mary from INDIANA writes: "... the feral cat non-profit I volunteer for, Feral Bureau of Indiana (the FBI) spayed and neutered a whopping 163 cats on Sunday, September 27, thanks to 30 volunteers, volunteer vets and feral colony caretakers. This one particular tiger, tabby kitten girl (on a board, prepped for her spay surgery) expressed her joy in being relieved of her reproductive organs through her markings. Her spots on her shaved tummy formed a perfect smiley face.

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Tiny kitteh face!!!! I wanna smooch heeem! They look like little bears when their ears are so small and far apart:)

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This little chick wants to grow up and become a part of the KFC family!

how to help feral cat colonies in your area...

Save 100 homeless cats...Spay and neuter your pets! My hubby & I started trapping feral cats, get them fixed (and rabies shots) and then release them at our shop. We continue to feed them too. We can't save them all but we can help with the problem of them producing more kittens.

Many communities are seeing a reduction of feral cats under local TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programs. Learn more about TNR at

I don't agree with this policy, having rescued a big ole sweet Maine Coon with a "tipped" ear who was hungry, flea-infested and living under the shrubs at the laundromat. He wasn't a feral cat - he was somebody's housecat who got caught, neutered and released to NO home to starve. In some twisted universe this may help a neighborhood - but does it help the cat? NO

"Among human beings, a cat is merely a cat; among cats, a cat is a prowling shadow in the jungle." --Karel Capek

Joyful! This is what we saw on the Coast of Santa Barbara, California they are wonderful show offs.