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not worried with the colors...TROOPS TO MEXICO...clean our borders, end drug wars, save thousands of lives...50,000 (mexican and american) have been killed in the past year over the chaos in Mexico!! SEND OUR TROOPS TO MEXICO!! This war is spillin over into our border...OUR MILITARY NEEDDS TO COME HOME AND TAKE CARE OF OUR COUNTRY!!!

a diamond is a chuck of coal that did well under pressure - Digital Art File - PDF or JPEG. $5.00, via Etsy.

from Salon

Trickle-down’s middle-class massacre: Failure of conservative economics should discredit these bankrupt ideas forever

If the rich get richer it leaves less for everyone else, it's not a hard concept to understand.

from Etsy

Be kind printable 8x10 children's art print

be kind

My inner feminist is feeling particularly rambunctious today.

I'd rather no one pay for any of it, I can pay for my own birth control and land mines thank you very much.