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'...fingers brush softly against, the lovingly draped tartan, that surrounds us. proudly showing our heritage. the breath that escapes the lungs of, the clans, the people, reassuring us that no-one can, take away what is rightfully ours. And as the bagpipes play, as the people dance, and the children sing, upon strong and fertile grounds, our freedom reigns.' ~Lady Willow, from 'Forever Our Freedom' <.> (Celts, Celtic, Scotland, poetry, history)

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The Claddagh Cross is a 16th century Irish symbol of eternal love and friendship. The heart at the center of the design is symbolic of love, the hands around it symbolize friendship, while the crowns represent everlasting loyalty. The Caddagh set in a cross adds spirituality to the equation.

Mo shioghra (My eternal love) is something Gyan might say to Arthur in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles (DAWNFLIGHT, MORNING'S JOURNEY, etc) by @kimdheadlee


The Luckenbooth is a Scottish symbol of love, dating back to the 17th century and often given as a token of betrothal, affection and friendship. It is usually in the shape of a heart or two entwined hearts symbolizing love and with a crown to symbolize loyalty. Luckenbooths were sold from shops or "locked booths" in Edinburgh's Royal Mile hence the name Luckenbooth.



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Scottish Luckenbooth Emblem: Two hearts entwined and crowned is worn as a symbol of love and troth in Scotland (read more here:

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Scottish luckenbooth This will be my Arthur seat tattoo I think! I made a promise that if I made it up Arthur's seat without falling I would get a tat....and this is likely to be it with some addition...want to maybe add wings on the sides..for the angel that was watching over me...we'll see about the wings but this in itself would be perfect! :D

Celtic but including a Thor's Hammer. Nice.

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The Gordon crest. Bydand. Abiding. Steadfast. Bide and Fecht. (Stand and Fight).

gorgeous doodle in black with circles ... and three bright blue flowers ... beautiful and dramatic ...

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