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  • Katie Hatcher

    #1 on the bucket list.

  • Emma Lowe

    That would be a dream come true!

  • Grace Linkletter

    Live to See Cancer Cured I'm pinning this for Catilin Mckenny she's my best friend and also one of the bravest, faithful, sweetest girls I know! R.I.P aunt Sandra miss u lots. R.I.P Mrs. Eater thx for being a great neighbor. R.I.P Herb bates a great family friend and father 2 an amazing BFF shania bates! Re-pin for memorie of those who fought a good fight and those blessed to be a surviver! #no one fights alone!

  • Kathryn Jakubowski

    Bucket List; Live to see cancer cured! i will find the cure!!

  • Jae

    That's the plan!

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We could do this in Leland Helen....there are "a yacht" of yachts there but they cost "a yacht" of money so we can't spill anything or take the kids LOL!!!!!!

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get a fish pedicure, this is so weird but i heard my mom talking about it, when she went home to the philippines.

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Check but its a small rave .still counts right?

we had use of the family's box seats.. and i got to tell you, box seats are not good for this kind of show. comfy seats and private access in which i can drink liquor but SO FAR AWAY.