Shrunken head cider . This is happening this Halloween.

FREAKY! use a toothpick to drag out 'legs' from melted choc chips!

Polish The Stars: 266 Halloween Food Ideas : Creepy, Cute, and Gross

creepy dish (mini marshmallows + caramel)

Pumpkin Witch

Gross. Yet, awesome. Ultra Creepy Halloween Meat Head

Halloween Cupcakes creepy eyes

voodoo doll cookies

Halloween food presentation.

How to make easy, edible fake blood. Halloween is coming up!

Spooky Gothic Halloween Party Ideas, Decorations

Halloween Jello "Shots" So Cool.

A rubber glove makes for some truly creepy ice. | 27 Incredibly Easy Ways To Upgrade Any Halloween Party


Simple and Cute Idea for your Halloween Party.

TLC Home "5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas" -deviled eggs with olives. Creepy and yummy!

fun & festive weekend projects…

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Turn old, ordinary dolls into creepy, nightmarish dolls. Zombie babies! My kids would hate me forever!

Totally Gross Halloween Food Ideas... Absolutely going to make these even though they look super grody!

Spray starch ghost. Drape gauze over a ghost "form" (liter bottle for body, Styrofoam head, wire for arms), spray with starch, allow to dry. I've made these with a white glue/water mixture--this sounds much less messy. Fun!