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Doctor Who Poster: The Girl in the Fireplace. Etsy shop: TheGeekerie (Amazing work!)

I want to make softies/ornaments of my kids as gifts for the grandmas... not Dr Who. Love the hair here, though.

"Turn Left" for me and "Bad Wolf" for Katie. Too fitting of a find the day we scheduled our tattoo appointments! We're just missing Cory's Gallifreyan pocket watch!

Doctor Who: "The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box)" [Amber Whitney]

Loved this scene. I feel sad for people that just don't give Doctor Who a chance. Look at what they're missing!!!

This is the one problem I have with Clara. They all had a certain relationship with the Doctor that was touching and sweet in different ways, but Clara and the Doctor really didn't have that definite chemistry because he sees her as more of a mystery than a person.

Doctor Who companions are always brave... And the colors they are set in are perfect for their HP houses!

You know just chilling waiting for the next "worlds about to end" problem...should be about 5 minutes

Depends on The Doctor. 9th for me, yes. Sherlock would be interesting but quite rude, right?

Always reminds me that I would love to see a Doctor Who anime... Maaaaaaaaaybe spanning the Time War? Come on... it'd be AWESOME!