• Alyss Barnson

    Meet the canals, one of the six Faces of Holland. From necessity in the 17th century to today's recreational playground, many Dutch cities are built around canals.

  • Santiago Lebron

    Los canales de Países Bajos

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We're pretty happy that we live in the 21st century and that we don't have to dress our kids up like this (unless we really wanted to), but darn aren't these girls from Volendam cute! #greetingsfromnl

Dutch Polder Mill This polder mill, built in 1862, was used for draining polders. In 1953, it was in an extremely dilapidated condition in Noordlaren (Province Groningen, the Netherlands). Following reconstruction in the Dutch Open Air Museum in 1960, the mill looked a whole lot better. It uses an Archimedean screw to force up water. This is a screw-shaped device that is able to raise water by two metres.