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I gotta stop judging books by their covers, cus this one is rocking good! I've been reading it, and it's only $2.99 on Amazon, and it's been a lip-biter and head-twister. I'm telling ya, it was worth it. Learn more, including the contest I'm looking at entering for it!

Books as Objects: Judging Books by Their Covers 2013: U.S. Vs. U.K.

The Millions : The Common Core Vs. Books: When Teachers Are Unable to Foster a Love of Reading in Students

1Q84. Interesting elements, coming together well. Also links to an interesting read about differences between book covers made for the US and UK versions

Let's judge books by the cover. UK v. US versions. (via automatism)


Judging Books by Their Covers: In Defense Of YA

Judging Books By Their Covers - great piece on why it's totally okay for adults to read YA

Along with occasionally judging books by their covers, I'm also guilty of judging books by their opening lines. When I'm perusing the local book shop for a new read, I often go to where my eye draws me. (I know, this goes against everything you were taught as a kid, and yet, I still do it.) Then I

from Reader's Digest

7 Websites For Book Lovers

This past weekend, friends and I had a long conversation about our latest and greatest reads. I found myself scrambling for pen and paper to write down all the recommendations. Then, a friend pulled out her laptop. Turns out, the web is home to a plethora of useful sites for book lovers: • For the über organized: LibraryThing, Goodreads and the Amazon-owned Shelfari are free social cataloging websites that allow users to create virtual libraries based on what they are currently reading, plan…

The Sense of an Ending (Borzoi Books) by Julian Barnes,