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Use a furnace filter and a box fan - Attach a furnace filter with hook-and-loop tabs to the air intake of a box fan and hang the fan between the ceiling joists so you don't head your head while you work. Just switch it on and fine dust particles from SANDING and SAWING will be drawn into the filter by the vacuum created by the fan

A box fan, a furnace filter, 3 pc of cardboard, and a little duct tape are all it takes to build a simple spray booth that sets up in mins in front of a window or doorway

A broom has no cords or hoses to catch and will reach every corner of your shop. Instead of tripping over the vacuum or dust collection hose, just connect Woodstock International’s floor sweep to your dust collection system and sweep the debris away. The floor sweep works best when used in conjunction with a gate — that way you can just open the gate when you’re sweeping and close it when you’re done.


Spray Paint Rack Improvements

Spray can holder hung with french cleats. Would a miniature version work for our large collection of acrylic paint?

from The Family Handyman

Using a Shop Vacuum for Dust Collection

Using a Shop Vacuum for Dust Collection. Fittings, filters and accessories for turning your shop vacuum into a dust collector.

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Roundup: 10 DIY Garage Organization Ideas

Round Up: 10 DIY Garage Organization Ideas » Curbly | DIY Design Community


Bike Frame Triangle Chair

Bike Frame Triangle Chair for garage, workshop, etc. Or a way to hang on that first bike that hasn't worked in years and you know you really aren't going to fix.

from Pioneer Settler

Homesteader's Guide to Basic Carpentry Skills

A Guide to Basic Carpentry Skills | Ideas And Tips For Woodworking by Pioneer Settler #WWGOA

Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop: fan on wheeled frame made from 2x4 scraps, by Jim Randolph Long Beach, Mississippi. Wood News Online No. 92 April 2013, by Highland Woodworking

Workshop Designs and Ideas | Workshop Design – Layouts & Tips for Unique Spaces

Started with blower, air cleaner, filter box. I used 1/2" MDF for the case and the entire assembly is hung from the ceiling. I should have done this long ago. The shop is now completely clear of the fine dust that previously covered everything. - created via

from The Family Handyman

Table Saw Tips and Tricks

Cut narrow strips with a sliding jig. To make the jig, attach a 5-in.-long strip of wood, 1/16 in. narrower than the width of the desired rip, to the end of a 1x6 as shown. Basically you're creating a horizontal push stick. Add a handle near the end of the jig to give yourself better control as you run the jig through the saw.