homemade water color paints

Homemade floam is easy to make and SO FUN! Much cheaper than store bought, too!

Erupting baking soda paint - combining art and science with one simple paint recipe!

Homemade natural watercolors made from real flowers - This experiment is amazing!

Homemade Water Color Paints

Amazing.. I can't believe I've been throwing out all my old markers! I am SO doing this.

ONLY use this and it leaves floor spotless. (Heavy duty floor cleaner recipe: ¼ cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap ¼ cup baking soda 2 gallons tap water, very warm.) It leaves everything smelling amazing.

Corn syrup paint, looks like stain glass. Corn syrup and food coloring dries shiny..... We use this at my daycare and the kids love it!!!! stained glass lesson.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt

Be creative. I miss watercolors. They make such pretty pictures. I could enjoy this with my daughter. This brand is really good too!

homemade chalk paint

Ice Painting Have you ever painted with ice?

Add a little color to your winter games with a little food coloring and water. It’s a great outdoor activity for the kids.

Juggling With Kids: Magic Potion Spoons

Summer Activity. 1/4" Mt Dew in bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake and it glows. Pour on sidewalk to "paint"...Who knew!? (The kids will have a blast!!)" doing this this summer

Homemade Watercolor Paints by thesweetersideofmommyhood: Made with baking soda, vinegar, corn syrup, corn starch and food coloring. #DIY #Watercolor #Paints #thesweetersideofmommyhood

make your own watercolors with baking soda, cornstarch, vinegar, corn syrup, and food coloring.

Homemade Sticker Glue ... make kid's stickers, decals, bumper stickers, the possibilities are endless!

Milk + Vinegar = Plastic!

Ice cube watercolor painting - looks like a great summer activity!

chalk spray. so fun! // 30 handmade days