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know your coffee poster by blimpcat. because motherhood = coffeehood.

Know your coffee (different coffee guides)... Knowledge is key to your taste buds' delight!

Best Coffee ever!!! order online www.koolbeanscoff... Custom roasted. Small bacth. Fresh.

this is in my kitchen and the advice should be more often followed

Mocha Scones - coffee infused chocolate chip scones with a mocha drizzle. (I need a scones folder, apparently.)

I have an obsessions with butterscotch/caramel recipes. Can you tell by the number of pins including these flavours?

Ultimate Iced Coffee - simply freeze strong coffee cubes. Make a pot of strong coffee; allow to come to room temp, or refrig overnight. Place cubes in glass, pour in chilled coffee, add desired amt of sweetened condensed milk, then stir and enjoy.