• Dorothy Stevenson

    chocolate covered potato chips, oh yummy!

  • Lydian Flash

    Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Makes 1(15oz)bag 1½ C chocolate chips(choose milk,semi-sweet or dark) 1.15.25oz bag ridge-cut potato chips 1. Place chocolate chips in heat resistant bowl-place over pot of simmering water.(make sure water doesn’t touch bottom of bowl) 2.Completely melt chocolate til smooth--begin dipping chips,about ½ way 3.Shake off excess chocolate- place chips onto baking sheet lined w wax paper. 4.Allow chips to dry completely 5.Store in airtight container up to 1 week.

  • Randi McPhate

    recipe: chocolate covered potato chips goal: try this sweet and savory!

  • Laura White

    Party Food: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. You know you want one!

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