Thermos and Lunchbox

70s toys | Haha, way back when! How about Mikey? Hey Mikey! He likes it! (life ...

red tupperware lunchbox from the early 80's!

Canned pudding. I remember taking it to school for lunch.

Holly Hobbie lunch box


Hollie Hobbie

Holly Hobbie Doll

School Lunch

School lunches hand-packed by mom. Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper.

50 Things Only 80's Kids Can Understand

Sunshine Family Tree House. Had it and loved it

Holly Hobbie :-)

Strawberry lunchbox and thermos

Strawberry Shortcake ~ lunch box and thermos

70s toys - I had this Holly Hobby image on my birthday cake one year!!! <3

the 5 & 10 cent store, you could get almost anything there!

Holly Hobbie....still a fave!


I miss holly hobbie