Thermos and Lunchbox

red tupperware lunchbox from the early 80's!

70s toys | Haha, way back when! How about Mikey? Hey Mikey! He likes it! (life ...

Holly Hobbie lunch box

Holly Hobbie Doll

I miss holly hobbie

I had a lunchbox like this.

Loved these!!

Sunshine Family Tree House. Had it and loved it


1980S Favorite Foods | retro 1980s STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE LUNCHBOX by staircasetotheattic


Holly Hobbie was my fave!

Colorforms - I always loved them when they were brand new and stuck to the board really well, but then they lost their sticky quality with age and dirt.

Who remembers rectangle pizza!?

Holly Hobby lunch box

Holly Hobby

Fisher Price Tv Music box

Metal lunch box & Thermos

had it

Plaque tablets - we used to get them every year in elementary school.