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    • HollyR

      The irony here is the known fact that Libs are the ones brainwashed and therefore truly ignorant. Truth and facts are to be ignored for their failed agendas ...laughing so hard I'm crying!! "...Truth and facts to be ignored.." <-- truer words never spoken.

    • Angelica Ross

      The next person to refer to Fifty Shades of Grey as well-written gets smacked with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare #quotes #quotations #ecard

    • Cindy Pecotich

      I'm finding all this funny stuff that applies to me!

    • Daniela Hernandez

      So true... story of my life!

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    If teachers had IEPs, on the job drinking would be part of our accommodations and required by law.

    Sometimes I fantasize about a world where I'm in charge, chocolate makes you skinny, and everything is always 75% off. | Confession Ecard


    Best Friends Heck, at my house you don't even have to be my best friend. heeheehee If I get dressed and fixed for someone to come to my house, they have to be a very important stranger. I was going to use the typical example of "The President", but since 2008 that doesn't apply.

    Saving this for the new "cubicle" aka desk in a wide-open space.

    Best. Insult. Ever.

    Write it down

    Just too tired...

    I can't stop laughing

    I. Just. Died.

    Southern Charm ~


    The pollen counts are so high…

    Scary... someone give him coffee! For more funny pics visit www.bestfunnyjoke...



    Live long and get some!

    I woke up early…


    Going to print this on a t-shirt and wear to work. yup.