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  • Kathleen McBride

    White Wolf: Cat Breeders Develop Breed Of Werewolf Looking Cats (Video)

  • Chris Hughes

    Cat Breeder Discovers Cat Species That Looks Like Werewolfs (shared via SlingPic)

  • susan branzelle

    Lykoi, a new breed of cat created by breeders. Were-wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FyreTeadora

    lykoi cat lykoi werewolf cat lykoi werewolf cat

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A natural mutation causes the Lykoi to look like a werewolf. Read more:

Lykoi Cats - the pedigree 'Wolf Cat' :)

lykoi cat

Lykoi a new breed of cat tagged "werewolf cat". Maryann T ... get a boy one and name him Jacob?... or Lupin!!! I love his little paws!

A cat breed so new, it's just on the cusp of showing, the Lykoi came out of the woodwork in 2011, and Tennessee veterinarian Johnny Gobble started taking notice.

Meet the Lykoi cat, a new breed resembling a werewolf.

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