Madrid, Spain, Burgundy Street

Freedom Park Charlotte, NC

Magnificent Purple Path

Spring pinks and greens

Pink trees

Jacracanda Street, Sydney, Australia

I'm dreaming of a pink and green Christmas!!! #LillyHoliday

A beautiful stream and fallen leaves <3

The Lane...

✮ Gorgeous Fall Sunset!

I love fall

To see this in person....just wow



Sodermanland, Sweden...

tree tunnel spain

Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington D.C.

What a beautiful contrast of colors

New Hampshire.. I want this to be my driveway!!

We're heading into my favorite seasons, y'all. Also, this is Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Gorgeous!

Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? Float down Like autumn leaves Hush now Close your eyes before the sleep And you're miles away And yesterday you were here with me