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My daughter painted my toenails

Who wouldn't ❤these sunflower toenails for summer! My talented daughter Shelby painted our mother/daughter toenails!

Toenail art hand painted by meg!!

It's like those speckled Easter egg candies I used to get as a kid

Candy Cane Nail This one has not yet been done on me But I can't wait to have my sister do this for me

Bright floral and striped toenail art with solid accent nails in complimentary colors, free hand pedicure nail art

Black and nude toe nails <--- Sheesh, those toes are ugly.

nails I want to get this in the summer time

Alpha Sigma Alpha painted toenails #ladybugs

It’s just an express pedi. No cuticle trimming or watever. #pedi #paint #toes #toenails #nails