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As this space has become increasingly large, you may often times want to find ways to create divisions within the space, either for privacy (racy stories you don't want your significant other to hear), or simply for convenience (when you don't even want to SEE her lol jk). So why not introduce a ceiling to floor sliding wall and door system? Obviously color choice would probably vary, but at least red would match the blood spray the one time you tell the story and forget to close the door.

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Sliding Closet Doors

The Bypass Door: This type is usually made of two parts that slide in front/back of each other. It is the most common type of sliding closet doors. Sometimes there are more than two pieces (three, even four), especially if the closets are really big.

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Dance, Love, Sing, Live Quotes Removable PVC Wall Art Stickers

A motivation quotes wall art sticker set, suitable for living room, bed room…

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Best Plant Containers for Small Spaces

We spotted this Magnetic Wall Planter SystemBarbed Product. We haven't been able to find the actual product though, does anyone have any leads? Also, this seems like a great DIY project using not-too-heavy containers and a metal bulletin board mounted to a wall, no?

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3D Printed Vases Offer Artistic Way to Repurpose Old Water Bottles

DesignLibero has reimagined recycling as an art form.