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i bet the kids don't even know the m was for music - Repin to WIN:

. give-them-the-finger Click The Image For Funny Videos!

Great illustrations by Olivier Barrett, a designer and illustrator based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why doesn't the person taking the picture have a reflection

Apparently, super-villians are a higher education issue....

I like this but some little kid would try to eat it and then it would be gone. :-(

Stay calm and sing Soft Tribble... in i adore blunt card and some e cards and anne taint

Makes me giggle every time. I could see this being me and my husband. Just have to wait for someone to set me up for that line now...

I knew I couldn't be the only person who thinks Twilight is lame, lame, lame.

On one side you try to be courteous and let your parents sleep but after you go back to bed not five minutes later they're in your room turning on the lights and ripping off the covers.oh how I hate it soo. :(