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  • Liz Carrel

    I graduate college with four degrees: two associate degrees, 1 Bachelor's Degree & 1 Master's Degree.

  • Matt

    bucket list... Supposing that I am here for 5 years, just about 3... More... Freaking... Years!

  • KaylaandScotty Jennings

    Graduate college! 1 year left!

  • Michelle White

    bucket list, soon soon soon! Cant wait but ill still be in school haha go figure!

  • Kailani Barron

    Bucket List: Graduate college. First, I must conquer high school!

  • Kerri Harris

    Before I die bucket list bucket-list Graduate College

  • Amanda Bartel

    Graduate college then law school

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I don't know how serious I am about writing a book but I have mentioned it a lot in my lifetime.

One of my friends family had their Xmas card pictures taken there one beautiful. And talk about withstanding the test of time

Sang "What Hurts the Most" by Cascada with Stacey Sul as we walked from school to her house during junior year:)

So this is something I've been meaning to do for a while, I feel kinda guilty for not giving blood, especially as I've worked in hospitals but I'm actually kinda scared about it.

Check that off the bucket list. Try the Bronx at 1 am. Not fun, won't do that again.

Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit

In Thailand there is a place that you can swim with elephants! Bucket list! GOING THERE FOR SURE!! A MUST!

So sad this didn't happen while we were there....oh well I'll plan my next Ireland trip around it :)