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  • Morgan Kimble

    Hardwood Floor tiles - Amazing - by Jamie Beckwith 1/2

  • Sandra Silva

    Wood Floor Patterns | crescent Fresh Patterns for Wooden Floors: Enigma Collection by Jamie ...

  • Andrew Liston

    Cool wood floor design

  • Chris Topher

    Jamie Beckwith Collection, Crescent: Sometimes what is not revealed, is more interesting than seeing an object fully. Your eye and your mind completes the picture with unexpected results. Like a crescent moon hints at what is past or yet to come, the Crescent pattern, reveals its intent without completing the circle.

  • Khunnoo jujue

    The new Enigma Floor Collection by Jamie Beckwith emphasizes on quite a few original designs.The Enigma flooring collection invites you to rethink wood flooring. Consider some of these options use one of the 14 patterns as a wall to wall flooring installation, mix colors or patterns, or create an inset rug pattern in a traditional plank floor.

  • Susan Winkler

    crescent - wood tile floor

  • Threads and Patches

    LAOROSA | DESIGN-JUNKY: Patterned Wood Floor Tile

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✓Kaleidoscope: Angular pieces shift within Kaleidoscope, creating an intriguing geometry. As you move about the room, the seemingly arbitrary placement of objects rearranges to form a beautiful symmetrical pattern. As ever changing and interesting as refracted light from a crystal.

hardwood floor great room, kitchen, dining room

Find den helt rigtige håndværker til at lave noget, der er lige så flot! Tjek!

/these tiles would just make me want to play a manual version of Q-Bert all day, complete with sound effects. I'd have to make little amigurumi characters...hmm, maybe I *should* get this floor!/

the wood floor of a home appliances store in downtown Trieste (it was real homey in that store)/ by jazamarripae

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Painted wood floor: fill in any large gouges or scrapes, and sand the entire floor lightly. you can use nearly any paint on the floor, but if you're concerned about it rubbing off with traffic, talk to the people in the paint store/department. you can also get clear acrylic sealer to paint over the floor once it's dried and once cured, it'll protect the paint job.