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    Haha it's true

    True story. ;)


    Lol true

    Hahaha so very true!!!

    Relatable Post # 2502- O.o

    True story!!! but the last time it happens, bring me someone really happy and important to my life... so i'm glad.

    All the time!


    I laugh at this now, but the next time I see a spider, this will be running through my head...So true

    Yup that's exactly what I think.

    This is definitely me. Anna!

    Every. Single. Time. Shave one leg and it's like, do I really wanna spend another ten minutes cutting hair off my leg with a sharp razor that'll cut me again


    all the time.

    so true(:

    So true!

    all. the. time.

    So me.

    every time