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greatest common factor math journal entry @ Runde's Room

crazy foldable with the Ladder Method for using Primes to find the LCM and GCF. My Middles LOVED it! They LOVED the ladder method. They LOVED the fact that they didn't have to do 2 different steps to find the Greatest Common Factor and then the Least Common Multiple. I hope they remember it when we get to fractions!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Key Words Used In Math Word Problems

Key Words for Math Word Problems

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.


Math Journal Sundays ... Kicked Up A Notch

Love the moveable rays to practice different types of angles. Pinning it for next year.

This is actually a very smart idea to use in lower elementary to find the greatest common factor as well as the lowest common multiple because when the students get into the higher mathematics when they start learning about the Venn Diagram. However, this could go from being an aid to becoming a crutch for the students.

Math area and perimeter A game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a colour pencil or texta they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the middle of the shape. Game ends when players run out of room to draw. Winner is the player who has used the largest area/most squares.

6th grade Interactive Math Notebook - 48 pgs.