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Crepe myrtles are for the most part trouble-free. That's why lazy slobs like Grumpy like them so much. But certain problems do crop up in summer that make you want to pull out the magnifying glass .

The Complete Guide to Crepe Myrtles - Southern Living

Crepe Myrtle Planting Guide

Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Tonto (fuschia red)'

Tuscarora RED Crape Myrtles Available as Miniatures, Dwarves, Medium Height or Standard Trees. - The Crape Myrtle Company

Pruning ~ Crepe myrtles

Crepe Myrtle Trees: A Tree For All Seasons by Gary Noel Ross on Grit, July/Aug.

Astilbe in a border. Most of the astilbe plants that I have seen around here in Raleigh, have very feathery flowers but some of the varieties can be quite showy such as this “country and western” astilbe with almost chenille like flowers shows.

Growing Astilbe - False Spirea - How to Grow and Care for Astilbe

Front yard/house Astilbe in a border makes a fabulous show & grows equally well in full sun/partial shade.LOVE this bright pink!

Beginner's Guide to Crepe Myrtle Care - Southern Living

Beginner's Guide to Crepe Myrtle Care

Ideas For Landscaping Hill Park

When the front yard landscaping is not good enough. Let's take a look at three quality front yard landscaping ideas to keep in mind and give a try.

Our own Patented Mini Crape Purple Velvet has some of the most strikingly beautiful dark black-purple flowers we have ever seen. This shade of purple-violet is so dark it is almost black. If you want an unusual sensual looking Crape this is the one. The plant is actually an upright 4-5 foot shrub and like all Crapes can bloom up to 5 months.   See our Shipping Page to learn what to expect upon arrival, including Plant Size.

We are the oldest nursery in the US that Exclusively grows Crape Myrtles. We are the ORIGINAL inventors of the Patented Miniature Crape Myrtle and have specialized in online sales for over 20 years. Dwarf, Tree & Miniatures Available.