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Serious business of gaming

Mobile apps are in fierce competition these days. There are over one million apps available in the different marketplaces and while a user may install a large number of apps on his device. Recent research by Flurry shows that users don’t use many apps for very long and in fact only 25% of the apps survive after 3 months.

As gamfication matures, so should the language we use. You see the trouble is, it is confusing to people who are not involved. whilst we should all know the differences , civilians may not! So here goes.

What’s the difference between Gamification and Games?

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gamification-101 by GameMaki via Slideshare

Gamification: A New Way of Marketing by Matmi via Slideshare

In a crowded consumer marketplace, finding innovative ways to grab the public’s attention is as important as ever. The theory behind gamification is not new but Jeff Coghlan, chief executive of viral gaming company Matmi, claims the emergence of new technologies has increased its relevance.

The Gamification of Project Management

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4 examples Gamification within TV and the Media

- Gamification & Branding: The site will also feature a section called, IPL Battleground, a virtual game that will allow supporters of particular teams to cheer their respective teams, send messages to players, and throw virtual tomatoes or eggs, to score against the opponent team. This would be integrated with Facebook, and will appear on the Facebook feed of users. When we asked if the game could feature virtual goods and involve transactions Khiani, responded that they plan to do some kind...

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