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    • Andrea Oliver

      I know this is meant to be sweet, but this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. And I see some pretty nasty stuff.

    • Amanda Forman

      This was the original description, "To give birth to a new life is the most amazing feeling in the universe." This picture is a thing of nightmares.

    • Alexa đź’‹

      The wonder and awe of pregnancy and motherhood - truly amazing- love this photo. Want one like this so bad!

    • Joe G

      You can see the tiny foot pressing on his mothers belly. Who says the babies are not alive? It sickens my heart to think this nation is allowing us to murder children up to full term. Life begins at conception but they have to do very inhuman things to tear this baby from their warm and loving environment.

    • Robert Francis

      I'm not big on belly baring, but how can one not think there is a life in there?-Conservative Christian Mom; I am not for belly baring either but this picture is an exception for it is remarkable to show the very much alive person inside's foot-RNF; for fetal pictures inside the womb see photos of Lennart Nilsson-Images of lennart nilsson fetal photographs

    • Susan Scherr

      The best thing... being pregnant. I truly agree it was a mircle of a lifetime x ten for me. Wish we had more pictures of me being pregnant tho. But, after a few babies who had time. Savored every moment

    • COurt Marie WElls

      #Sweet #Baby #Babies #Feet #Pregnancy #Photo SHop #Photography

    • Alana Hendrick

      Holy wow this picture does terrible things for my baby fever.

    • Artist ~Daly Rios~

      Protect all life on our planet - say NO to ABORTION. //// It's not ok to destroy or kill animals, plants... but it's ok to kill a baby wether the baby is still in the womb. Please that's being a hypocrite. How is it ok bc it's a personal choice? Hey same as it's a personal choice to recycle, to protect animals and plants to not kill or destroy our nature/planet etc. It's all a personal choice don't you think?. I would say it again PROTECT OUR PLANET means everything in it nature, plants, animals, humans... babies!!! Even inside the womb. They are alive. SO if anyone thinks killing or destroying the things in our planet that God gave us is wrong, bad and it shouldn't happen then that means they would also think about it and feel it for the "fetus" baby!. If not I'm sorry but you're a hypocrite...

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