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Shaklee Dream Plan - A brand new compensation plan launched in October 2010, it has completely changed the game and people are referring to Shaklee as "the 56 year startup company". Watch this video and call me if you're intrigued or have any questions. 765.734.3057 Find me at

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post, since my launch day. I launched on September 15th, which is why you are seeing a unique monthly report. No worries, I do plan on having October’s report (my first full-month) in November. I wanted to share...

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How to Use Your Voice on Your Blog

How to Use Your Voice on Your Blog - by Regina [for bloggers + freelancers + creative businesses]

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A couple years ago, on an ordinary evening, I was sitting at my couch wrapping up my freelance work for the day. Just as I was about to shut my laptop, a little

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10 Things You Should Do After You Launch Your New Brand

Learn the 10 Things You Should Do After You Launch Your New Brand! You've hired the designer. Spent hours honing in on your vision and collecting inspiration. You've established your target audience and set up a game plan on how your new brand voice will attract them. Then it's launch day. Now what? So many people take all the right steps in the launch process until the actual launch itself!

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10 Things I Waited Too Long To Do For My Business (& Blog) That You Need Implement Immediately

The 10 changes I waited too long to make in my online business and blog that I want to make sure you don't make! Entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners, you need to read this list and make sure you're not missing out on any opportunities to grow and strengthen your business.

An inverstigation has been launched to determine the culprit. In the meantime, Mr. Stark has been ordered to knock it off, on general principle.

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How to Write a Creative Action Plan You'll Actually Follow

Writing a creative action plan for your business is like writing a user-friendly business plan you'll actually understand and follow.

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How to Setup Your Etsy Shop

Another epic post, yo! In this blog post, we shared about how other small creative business owners like us can utilize online shopping platforms to increase exposure of our products. Plus, utilizing social media strategies to increase more exposure to our services without the need for ads. This post comes with free checklist and business plan printable format. Read this post. #smallbusiness #tips #SMM #Etsy #blogtraffic #SEO #analytics #business #creativebusiness

Jessica on Instagram: “#planwithmechallenge goals. This was the spread I created last month - beginning with my goals up top and breaking down milestones throughout the year to keep myself on track. How am I doing? I'm able to hold crow pose in yoga for longer (2 seconds) and can get into side crow since starting #classpass... Have been meeting weekly with partners to launch a shop (!!!!), have read 2 books, and working on getting weekends planned out to visit state parks. We're moving…