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    Polka dot fun~ Cover a paper towel or toilet paper roll with bubble wrap, paint the bubbles and then press on your paper. This is a great idea for a back drop, paper table cloth, invites, decor, etc.

    Marble art- (all you need is shaving cream and food coloring!) Perhaps a quick activity to do during an abstract art unit? OR Just for fun sometime!

    How to make bubble art with your children using a DIY bubble wand! Great fun for children. www.laughingkidsl...

    Pour water in a pan. Mix food coloring in with oil in little jars. Eye drop oil into pan and swirl into a design. Lay white paper gently over it. When oil starts to appear on the back of the paper (30sec?), remove gently and let dry.

    This is super easy to make, all you need is a bowl, dawn dish soap, water and jell-o. Mix them together to make your jell-o bubbles. Then get a straw and blow bubbles.

    Mix food coloring in with bubbles then blow them on paper and let them pop.

    Really awesome rainbow slime without borax (1 part elmers clear school glue, 1 part liquid starch, plus food coloring) - still probably not safe for our littlest friends, but so much fun for big kids!

    beautiful bubble wands - strong wire bent into a loop and wrapped ... then extending wire is threaded with beads of choice and then wire is twisted and tucked at end.

    A simple list of classroom reward ideas which can be use as a positive reinforcement aide in the classroom....

    Bubble whisking with color!! Fun preschool sensory activity. My daughter loved making pink bubbles!

    Halloween Science-Slime, bubbles, fizzing, and more Halloween fun for Kids... play based learning! Yay!