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Katherine Burke. From here: http://caseinpointfashion.blogspot.com.br/2011/04/ziegfeld-follies.html

Ziegfeld Girl ~ Katherine Burke ~ Performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 and 1931 and in Ziegfeld's musicals "No Foolin'" "Rio Rita" "Rosalie" "Whoopee" – and Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Vintage antique photo of a Girl from the Ziegfeld Follies

Vintage antique photo of a Girl from the Ziegfeld Follies

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Estas imágenes muestran cómo lucían las primeras “modelos” del siglo pasado

One extraordinary Grecian Urn...

Isadora Duncan - Star of this decade. was fond of scarves and actually was killed when one of her trademark long scarves became entangled in the wheel spoke of the car she was in.

Потрясающая женская мода 1920-х годов в фотографиях того времени

Katherine Burke in a beautiful Ziegfield Follies costume (circa photography by Alfred Cheney Johnston “Beauty, of course, is the most important requirement and the paramount asset of the.

Lana Turner in "Ziegfeld Girl". 1941. Wardrobe by Adrian.

Lana Turner - 1941 - Ziegfeld Follies Girl - Showgirl Costume by Adrian - Adrian liked to use star decorations in his costumes, symbolic of their rising star or falling star qualities.

hula hoop dress - Google Search

A hottie hooper from way back in the day, before Hula Hoops were being mass produced. I wonder if she was a hoop performer or if the hoop was just a prop.

"Alfred Cheney Johnston and the Ziegfeld Hula Hoop Nudes Mystery" -- by @Lara Eastburn, Hooposophy article

~ Oscar Wilde / Photo: Virginia Biddle, 'Ziegfeld Girl', Ziegfeld Follies photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston