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For a couple years when she was little, I had to leave my daughter to go on business trips; but I'd bring her a carved giraffe toy from each city I visited. She went through a spell where she was fascinated by their gentle grace, how tender they are with their young.

@Shelby DeLay due to your love for these animals every time I see giraffes it makes me think of you!!! Miss ya rooms!

Meet Little Margaret - The adorable baby giraffe. here to find out more

Léa notre fille est marraine d'une girafe du Zoo de Cerza !!! Spéciale dédidace à notre BB !!! Grand BB !! Découvrez le zoo de Cerza : !! Bises du Martinaa !! Valérie!!

I heart giraffes!!! My favorite animal of them all. :) They have the largest heart of all land mammals.

These secret will make any man fall in love with you mwari81.ophrases....

Let's Celebrate the Four Day Weekend with Baby Giraffes | BuzzFeed

Quite Possibly The Cutest Animals On The Internet! – 32 Pics

i am in fact pinning all the baby giraffe pictures from this article.