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    • Christina Savarese

      53 things only 80 s girls can understand

    • Andrea Willoughby

      Real 80s babies know about Popples.

    • Rae V

      AAAAAH NOSTALGIA. I want to go find menu Popples in the basement now!!

    • Bethanye Carrigan

      I loved looking at this. 53 things from the 80's. ahhhhh childhood memories. The struggle of trying to get your Popple into his ball shape.

    • ___iroc___

      Popples. 1983-1988. Line of stuffed toys produced by Mattel. #80s #toys #popples Had a soccer sister the basketball one. :) I had too many toys growing up honestly

    • Jennifer Covington

      Blast from the past!!

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    The sound that plastic VHS tape boxes made when you opened them... especially for the first time.

    haha so true!

    90's kids know all about this fun paper fortune teller!!! It funny because we did this so much in elementary school that they ended up being banned, so we felt like such rebels when we made them anyway

    So this is why 90s kids are so smart?

    (the 90s,90s kids)

    90s kids

    Oh my GOSH!!!! Too uncanny not to be related

    This made me smile, it's worth going through them all


    OMG Popples! Haha LOVE!!

    Super Soaker

    saved by the bell

    only 90s kids remember this



    Book It & Pizza Hut......hahahahha!

    you thought you were so cool when you had these

    School pizza


    LOVED scooter day in P.E.!

    "I'm the baby, gotta love me!"

    90's nick...i want it back

    The Adventures of Pete & Pete