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  • Joni Suiters

    wish tickets - cute for a child's party favor, or a an adult gift bag as a little someting unique

  • Cheryl Pieper

    Take a ticket. Make a wish.

  • Jo Ann V

    Wedding Theme:: Circus Flair

  • Lacey Prince

    cute idea, 100 wishes

  • Yvan Vasovic

    #pink #rose #lavieenrose #PiagetRose

  • Isabelle Neill

    That Inspirational Girl

  • Sophie Paladichuk

    You can order custom printed vintage style carnival tickets. Perfect for a bridal shower- instead of a raffle, have guests write their wish for the couple and copy on a duplicated number ticket. Drop in a bowl, and pick several at the end of the party. Read aloud and have prizes for the 2, 3, 5, 10 winners who's tickets you have pulled randomly (yet read aloud) from a glass bowl. Super fun, Can also be used for birthday wishes, baby showers, or even AT weddings as table decor :)

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yep it might seem cheesy but my grandpa will love if we do a raffle at the wedding lol ♥♥ add #diy www.customwedding...

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pink my 2nd favorite color...white is number one...this shade moves pink closer to number one

I don't know - but this dress is a little thrilling.

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Pink Ferris wheel #girly #pink ♥♥ For guide + advice on #lifestyle, visit

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